• 18/01/2016

    Angie Tribeca’s Morning Routine

    If you watched the 1st episode of Angie Tribeca last night, you witnessed Angie’s daily apartment-smashing morning routine. Wake up at the crack of dawn. Go into attack mode. Kick butt… Yes- she pretty much destroyed her house. Nothing was left off limits. She kicked the fridge until it was...

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  • 13/01/2016

    21 lbs in 42 days: 6-wk holiday challenge results

    It’s HARD to stay on track with your fitness goals over the holiday season, so this year- we did something unique at Scenic City Boot Camp… We offered to pay every challenger $5 for every lb. they lost on the scale and $250 cash to the winner of the 6-week challenge. Then THIS happened…...

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  • 31/12/2015

    Your 2016 Goal-Setting Guide

    I know you. You have dreams, aspirations, and goals. You like to be challenged. Making progress on your goals makes you feel alive. So why is it that somehow- someway-people started shaming those who set New Year’s resolutions? One word. Fear. Fear of failure. Because they know that most people...

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  • 23/11/2015

    How to eat on Thanksgiving Day (24 hour guide)

    What if reading this blog post was the game-changer in whether you gained 1 POUND OR MORE OF JIGGLY BODY FAT on Thanksgiving Day or maintained your current weight?!?   Would it be worth it to you?   Good! Then read on…   Because you’re about to learn how to blunt the effects...

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  • 19/11/2015

    Transformation Training’s 28-Day Challenge Results

    While we are known as the body transformation facility in Chattanooga, not EVERYONE comes to us to lose weight. Many people have different goals: weight loss, muscle-building, preparing for an upcoming race, or getting off insulin or blood pressure medicine. Katie McDiffett was one of those people who...

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