• 28/04/2016

    Muscle-Building Tips from Muscle Camp

    I wanted to share with you a few muscle-building tips Kevin learned at Ben Pakulski’s Muscle Camp in Tampa, Florida this weekend. While you might not endeavor to look like the Incredible Hulk, like Ben does, what you CAN learn from him, one of the most knowledgeable muscle-building experts in the...

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  • 15/03/2016

    10 SCBC weight loss stories (6-week results)

    Today I get to reveal the top 10 weight loss results from the last 6-week challenge (Jan-Feb. 2016). From 10th place down to 1st place, listed in order of total points earned based on % body fat lost, lbs. lost and inches in 6 weeks. The winner walks away with $250 cash! Everyone who finished

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  • 24/02/2016

    28-Day Challenge Winners Revealed (Dec/Jan)!

    Are you ready to transform your body and change the way you see yourself? How about-  change the way people see YOU? A lot of people joined the 28-day challenge in hopes of doing just that. Brandon was one of those guys. He was scrawny. He avoided the gym. And he lived behind a computer

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  • 18/01/2016

    Angie Tribeca’s Morning Routine

    If you watched the 1st episode of Angie Tribeca last night, you witnessed Angie’s daily apartment-smashing morning routine. Wake up at the crack of dawn. Go into attack mode. Kick butt… Yes- she pretty much destroyed her house. Nothing was left off limits. She kicked the fridge until it was...

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  • 13/01/2016

    21 lbs in 42 days: 6-wk holiday challenge results

    It’s HARD to stay on track with your fitness goals over the holiday season, so this year- we did something unique at Scenic City Boot Camp… We offered to pay every challenger $5 for every lb. they lost on the scale and $250 cash to the winner of the 6-week challenge. Then THIS happened…...

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