You've found a liking to this whole fitness thing. You've seen the changes. You've experienced the benefits. You understand the life-changing quality that fitness can have on a person. 

Whether you're a brand new fitness junkie or a long-time fitness guru veteran, we ha...

Most supplements are flat-out a waste of your time and money. But there are 6 we highly recommend to help you lose weight without sacrificing your hard-earned muscle. They're not required. But they do help. This comes straight from our FREE 5-Day Video Course where we...

We decided to conduct an experiment with an Ionic Foot Detox Bath. 

The "claim" was that the detox bath would make your body more alkaline after treatment. 

So, like the nerds that we are, we ran out and bought some PH urine test strips to measure our...

We've had quite a few newbies starting in our programs the last week. 

As a result, we've seen a few people posting "OMG, I'm so sore or so out of shape-type posts" on Facebook. ;)

One word of advice for those of you who are just getting started or getting...

It seems like carbs have gotten a bad rap lately.

And since that's always a HOT topic around the gym, we wanted to bust another myth for you today: You don't need to avoid carbs in order to lose fat!!! 

What you need is a calorie deficit - i.e., con...

We're not huge fans of keto.

Except for very short-term purposes (like 1-2 weeks).

We personally can't get behind any plan that eliminates whole food groups. (We prefer a 40/30/30 plan starting out)

We also believe in the importance of calorie restriction,

not to be confus...

Holy crap! Cathy just lost 20 lbs. of fat in a month! 

Results ARE typical here at SCBC but 20 lbs. of fat in 4 weeks is downright INSANE!! 

See photos below (Cathy pictured in middle, alongside her best friend, Stacy)

When we heard the news, we...

Fact: It doesn't matter how hard your workouts are or how healthy you eat -- if you're not getting a solid night of good sleep, you're actively hurting your results. We all know that. 

We are truly a product of our environments.

And if our goal is to live...

We're here to bust some myths about fat loss...and share some things with you that you might not know. 

But this one "takes the cake" because the claims that Dr. Michael Colgan, a research scientist who has spent over 40 years studying melatonin and other hormones rel...

Did you know Usain, the greatest sprinter in the world, has scoliosis and a right leg that is 1/2" shorter than his left leg? 

His right leg strikes the ground with 13% more vertical force (by far the largest imbalance seen so far in elite sprinters) and spends 14% le...

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