Did you know Usain, the greatest sprinter in the world, has scoliosis and a right leg that is 1/2" shorter than his left leg? 

His right leg strikes the ground with 13% more vertical force (by far the largest imbalance seen so far in elite sprinters) and spends 14% le...

There was a movie on Showtime a few months ago called "Reversal of Fortune". 

The documentary film makers followed a homeless man around for a week or so.

At the end of the week - they gave him $100,000. 

For a homeless man - living under a bridge - this is clearly a life...

Robin, our nutrition coach, posted something pretty brilliant to our members on Facebook.

Check it out ==>>> 

"When the kiddos were little we used to have a "Ten Minute Tidy" every night before they went to bed. We'd set the timer on the microwave for 10 minutes, a...

Motivation is garbage. 

You know it in your gut. 

So why is it that we constantly tell ourselves,"I need to get motivated?" when most of us know motivation is NOT the issue. 

Our brains are meant to protect us. To keep us safe and comfortable. So anytime we're...

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