Holy crap! Cathy just lost 20 lbs. of fat in a month! 

Results ARE typical here at SCBC but 20 lbs. of fat in 4 weeks is downright INSANE!! 

See photos below (Cathy pictured in middle, alongside her best friend, Stacy)

When we heard the news, we...

Fact: It doesn't matter how hard your workouts are or how healthy you eat -- if you're not getting a solid night of good sleep, you're actively hurting your results. We all know that. 

We are truly a product of our environments.

And if our goal is to live...

We're here to bust some myths about fat loss...and share some things with you that you might not know. 

But this one "takes the cake" because the claims that Dr. Michael Colgan, a research scientist who has spent over 40 years studying melatonin and other hormones rel...

Did you know Usain, the greatest sprinter in the world, has scoliosis and a right leg that is 1/2" shorter than his left leg? 

His right leg strikes the ground with 13% more vertical force (by far the largest imbalance seen so far in elite sprinters) and spends 14% le...

There was a movie on Showtime a few months ago called "Reversal of Fortune". 

The documentary film makers followed a homeless man around for a week or so.

At the end of the week - they gave him $100,000. 

For a homeless man - living under a bridge - this is clearly a life...

Robin, our nutrition coach, posted something pretty brilliant to our members on Facebook.

Check it out ==>>> 

"When the kiddos were little we used to have a "Ten Minute Tidy" every night before they went to bed. We'd set the timer on the microwave for 10 minutes, a...

Motivation is garbage. 

You know it in your gut. 

So why is it that we constantly tell ourselves,"I need to get motivated?" when most of us know motivation is NOT the issue. 

Our brains are meant to protect us. To keep us safe and comfortable. So anytime we're...

There's this podcast where this guy talks about N.E.A.T.

Non-exercise activity thermogenesis, that is. 

Now before you go and tune us out... keep reading, because this is about to get super exciting for you if you're trying to lose weight. 

We've got news for you ===>>> Those people who have the body you want aren't doing anything special or secret. And they definitely aren't trying out the latest diet trend. 

Those people who have the body you want have just gotten really good at mastering the...

We meet clients at SCBC all the time who need healthy fast food options. Always being in the car during the day and needed to know where to go for quick and healthy meals can be overwhelming. 

We tell everyone that cooking meals and planning ahead is best (o...

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