Here's a few more tips to ensure your healthy swaps turn out successful...

  • Replacing all the fat doesn't usually work. You can replace approximately 3/4 the fat. But keep 1/4 of the fat the recipe calls for. 

  • Avoid over baking, since lower fat content can cause...

With the holidays around the corner, workouts often get shortened or forgotten and temptations eventually get the best of us. 

If you've worked hard to get fit this year, then the thought of undoing it might send you into a bit of a panic. 

Fear not! We hav...

It looks fun, colorful, even whimsical at times. 


Our emotions get tied up into it. We think about it. We dream about it. 

But underneath the pretty packaging and mouth-watering delights, sugar is like a weapon of mass destruction, looking to seek and destroy whomeve...

It's the beginning of the impending holiday season.  

*Cue scary screaming

That means treats, parties, family get-togethers, alcohol & packed schedules. That also means it's close to impossible to pursue your health and fitness goals this time of the year... right?

We say...

I don't know about you but I always thought the most dangerous "dieting" times of the year were the months between October and January. Considering those are the months that contain Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas, it just seemed like there were temptations around...

Cinco de Mayo is upon us... as in it's tomorrow. And the temptation will begin. Tacos will call your name. The smell of chips and salsa will try to entice you to walk into a Mexican restaurant and destroy your diet.

Believe us when we say you CAN still enjoy Cinco de Ma...

1. Sabre Alarm (can sound up to 1000 ft.) designed specifically for the runner/walker with a wrist strap.

2. Sabre Pepper Spray – Police Strength with durable key case, finger grip, quick release key ring, 25 bursts (up to 5x more than other brands, and a 10 ft. range


Basic physics tells us that when we push into the ground it pushes back, so the harder we push into it the harder it pushes back – it’s basic physics. If we make ourselves solid through the midsection we can turn that force through the body into something like throwing...

If “abs are made in the kitchen” then what should your kitchen include? You definitely want your food prep space to support your efforts as you work for those elusive abs!

Here are a few suggestions.

1. Crockpot

This is such a no brainer, I hate to even mention it. But I...

Eggs & egg whites

I eat eggs and/or egg whites daily. I used to despise them but I found ways to flavor them that I enjoy and now I’m hooked. One of my favorite breakfasts is egg whites over a baked potato with salsa. Another favorite is fried eggs served over kale & sw...

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