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10 Foods I Always Have in my Fridge… And Why You Should Have Them in Yours

Eggs & egg whites

I eat eggs and/or egg whites daily. I used to despise them but I found ways to flavor them that I enjoy and now I’m hooked. One of my favorite breakfasts is egg whites over a baked potato with salsa. Another favorite is fried eggs served over kale & sweet potato that I’ve sautéed together. Top with a little salt and/or Sriracha. And I always keep boiled eggs on hand for a quick lunch or snack.

Chicken breasts

Well I have to admit my kids get pretty upset when they see me bring home more chicken from the grocery store. But THEY need to admit that I can make it taste pretty good! 😉 It’s just such a versatile source of protein!

One of my favorite recipes:

**Coconut Chicken Tenders Mix all of these ingredients in a bowl- 1/2 c almond flour Sea salt & pepper Cayenne pepper Paprika

Dredge the chicken through the almond flour mixture, then through a raw egg, then through another bowl of shredded, unsweetened coconut. Place on a sprayed baking sheet and bake at 400 for 20-30 minutes. Serve with a side salad.

Ground turkey

My favorite protein source, flavor wise.

I love to include taco night in our week and sweet potato nachos with taco seasoned turkey is the best! Slice or dice your sweet potatoes, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt & cumin and get them in the oven to bake. While they’re doing their thing, brown your turkey and flavor it with taco seasoning. Then set out all your favorite toppings and get creative! I like to layer a couple of handfuls of mixed greens, sweet potato “chips” and the turkey. That’s really perfect for me. But for the family I’ll also include salsa, sour cream (Greek yogurt), guacamole, & shredded cheese.

Fresh garlic & ginger

These two make everything taste better. I always add garlic to ground turkey as I’m browning it for a boost of flavor. And I love to add fresh grated ginger root to chicken when I’m going for an Asian taste. I also like to use the tubes of Ginger Paste from the produce section.

A really simple chicken dish I make requires just 3 ingredients. I toss frozen chicken breasts in the crockpot with 1/2 cup low sodium soy sauce and 1-2 tbsp ginger paste. Cook all day and you’ll have Asian chicken for dinner. Serve with broccoli that you stir fry in sesame oil and soy sauce and a side of rice.


Hummus can be a lifesaver if you’re not a fan of raw veggies but you’re trying to incorporate them into your life. A warning though, it’s extremely easy to get carried away and eat way more calories and fat than you meant to. Luckily, you can buy individual servings to make sure hummus works for you instead of against you. It’s a great source of plant based protein. And any veggie tastes better dipped in hummus. 😄

Kale/spinach/mixed greens

This one is way too obvious, right? And even if you don’t love greens, you can come up with clever ways to disguise them. Throw a handful of spinach in the blender with your protein powder, some almond milk or water, and a banana and I promise, you won’t be able to taste it.

Fresh salsa

I prefer fresh salsa because the taste is superior and the sodium is typically lower than jarred options. You can use it to top a potato, turn boring eggs into Huevos Rancheros by adding it to fried eggs & black beans, or use it as a low calorie salad dressing.

Greek yogurt

I seem to waste it when I buy the oversize tub, so I pay a little more and buy the individual servings. I usually have one a day with a cup of fresh or frozen blueberries. It’s a good mid-afternoon protein and carb snack. Sometimes I’ll sprinkle a packet of stevia over it but mostly I just enjoy the sweetness of the berries. If you’re having a really hard time with the sour taste of Greek yogurt, just add a smidge of honey or stevia. It really helps.

Cottage cheese

I like to have a little bowl of cottage cheese with pepper or salsa. It’s a slow digesting source of protein and so all those little amino acids are released to your muscles while you’re sleeping! This means your body is continuing to build and repair muscle while you’re catching zzz’s. Awesome! (Let’s be realistic, you’re not going to wake up with abs because you ate cottage cheese before bed, but it is one strategy among many that really does help over time.)


I have several different mustards to help flavor up my foods without adding calories or fat. I love a horseradish/mustard blend on top of turkey burgers. Adds SO much flavor! And I like to dip raw veggies like cucumber slices and sugar snap peas in Dijon mustard.

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