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The Turkish get up: Where it came from & what it does for your body

Basic physics tells us that when we push into the ground it pushes back, so the harder we push into it the harder it pushes back – it’s basic physics. If we make ourselves solid through the midsection we can turn that force through the body into something like throwing or punching in the upper extremities.

It all starts at the ground and is linked through our midsection.

So in a big nutshell the Turkish get up develops core strength through movement and by using all of the body:

⁃Single leg stability

⁃Closed and open chain shoulder stability

⁃Shoulder mobility

⁃Thoracic extension and rotation

⁃Hip and leg mobility and active flexibility

⁃Stability in 2 different leg patterns

⁃Both rotary and linear

⁃Ability to link movement created in extremities to the rest of our body.

The Turkish get up can be used to:

Warmup and assessment


Reinforce corrective work

In doing the Turkish get up it is so crucial to be aware of placing each body part steady and firm to the ground to push and move the body to the different positions. Always go through the motions with no weight and make sure the body is aware of where it is going.

Add a little weight as you feel comfortable.

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