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The Perfect Meal Cheat Sheet (Print it Out)

We've got news for you ===>>> Those people who have the body you want aren't doing anything special or secret. And they definitely aren't trying out the latest diet trend.

Those people who have the body you want have just gotten really good at mastering the fundamentals. Day in, day out.

It's the ideal, yet attainable goal all fitness enthusiasts hope to achieve.

And yet, it's a constant struggle I witness clients struggle with every day.

So it was no surprise when we did a in-class survey across

all our programs a few weeks ago, and found that people were requesting higher protein meal ideas.

Because most clients struggle to hit their protein goals.

I find it quite easy to get protein in these days.

Fruits and veggies? That's a different story.

But it wasn't that long ago (okay, at least 10 years), when I remember coming home from the grocery store and everything starting to "click" on how to portion my plate

for fat loss.

If it hasn't clicked for you yet, too, then here's a helpful visual from Precision Nutrition (see image below):

Our fat loss philosophy at Scenic City Boot Camp is pretty simple:

1. Build around protein.

2. Have a fruit or a vegetable at every meal. Eat more veggies than fruit.

3. Eat a serving of healthy fat (best at meals when complex carbs aren't present).

4. The best time to consume complex carbs is right after your workout. The 2nd best time is at breakfast (as your body has all day to utilize them) and 3rd best time, if needed is 2-3 hours pre-workout.

If you need examples of what these are, BEHOLD... THE PERFECT MEAL cheat sheet ===>>>


It's printable, too, so put it up on your fridge and use it to create the ultimate fat-burning meal.

There are endless variations, so you'll never get bored.

Chances are- this is all you need (nutrition-wise) to get all the results you could ever want.

So focus on mastering the fundamentals and I promise, you'll start to see results.

But these resources can be a huge help for you in helping you stick with the plan so print off the perfect meal cheat sheet, stick it on your fridge, and get cooking!

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