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[VIDEO] How to Change Your Life in 5 seconds

Motivation is garbage. You know it in your gut. So why is it that we constantly tell ourselves,"I need to get motivated?" when most of us know motivation is NOT the issue. Our brains are meant to protect us. To keep us safe and comfortable. So anytime we're looking to change something, to challenge ourselves in ways we're not used to, if we give ourselves enough time, our brain will talk us out of doing that thing we know we should be doing to achieve our goals. That's where the 5-second rule comes in...

The moment you have an instinct to act on a goal, you need to apply this 5-second rule.

But you have to do it in a certain sequence for it to work.

Watch the video below for details.

And there's powerful research to back it up (fast forward to minute 19:17 in the video if you're short on time).

When Mel Robbins discovered the 5-second rule, she realized she had unlocked the secret to self-motivation:

"I am one decision away from a totally different marriage, a totally different life, a totally different income, a totally different job, a totally different relationship with my kids..." "Your life comes down to your decisions and if you change your decisions [using this quick trick], you'll change EVERYTHING."

-Mel Robbins

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