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Want 100k?

There was a movie on Showtime a few months ago called "Reversal of Fortune".

The documentary film makers followed a homeless man around for a week or so.

At the end of the week - they gave him $100,000.

For a homeless man - living under a bridge - this is clearly a life changing sum. They even paid for a financial counselor.

Within six months he had less than $5,000 left. Within nine months he was back on the streets - homeless. Owing more money than before.

The moral of the story I suppose is that the homeless man's attitude to money didn't change. His identity as it related to money didn't change.

You need to invest that money - or at least continue to make money - or look to budget. The difference between this man living on the streets and not living on the streets was his IDENTITY - his attitude, choices and behaviors - not just the $100K.


Fitness and your health can be a lot like this also.

Imagine if you woke up tomorrow - with your ideal body... looking and feeling exactly how you want...

What would you do differently to maintain it? What would your daily actions be? Your thoughts? Your identity?

Maybe what you would do differently might involve changing your exercise habits, or your eating habits.

Then why not start doing that now? Make the changes in behavior first...

At Scenic City Boot Camp, we call this "Transformation". We all need some part of our lives transformed.

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