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Melatonin or Chunky Thighs - Your Choice

We're here to bust some myths about fat loss...and share some things with you that you might not know. But this one "takes the cake" because the claims that Dr. Michael Colgan, a research scientist who has spent over 40 years studying melatonin and other hormones related to optimal nutrition, has made are pretty bold. Here's what Colgan says: "If you have insufficient melatonin, you will get fat, sick and old in short order, no matter what else you do to avert it." Then he took it a step further, "Essential maintenance of the body and brain after age 35 is not possible without supplementary melatonin." ANOTHER BOLD CLAIM. In other words, 7 hours of sleep is NOT enough to maintain healthy levels of melatonin. You have to supplement with melatonin, too. So WHY is melatonin so freaking important? Well, quite frankly, it plays a role in almost every part of human physiology. "Experimental evidence demonstrates that melatonin is necessary for the proper synthesis, secretion, and action of insulin. Melatonin is a powerful chronobiotic being responsible, in part, for the daily distribution of metabolic processes so that the activity/eating phase of the day is associated with high insulin sensitivity, and the rest/fasting phase at night is synchronized to the insulin-resistant metabolic phase of the day. The reduction in melatonin production, during aging, shift-work, or illuminated environments during the night, induces insulin resistance, glucose intolerance, sleep disturbance, and metabolic circadian disorganization leading to obesity."

-Professor Russell Reiter (2014) If you stop to think about it, it makes sense. Melatonin is the pacemaker for almost everything in our body but it responds to changes in daylight.

We sleep less, stay up later, and fill our rooms with artificial light from TV screens, iphones and tablets until we close our eyes. It's no wonder our melatonin is completely out of whack! And according to Doc Colgan, insufficient melatonin will slowly destroy your body and brain, despite the very best nutrition and exercise plan. Let that sink in for a moment. If your melatonin levels are low, it doesn't matter how much you eat right and exercise- your body can't respond. Before you rush out and buy some melatonin supplements, there's a few things to consider: 1) Melatonin pills are a waste of money: 90% of the melatonin will be destroyed by your digestive acids. Therefore, shop for liquid melatonin, which you hold in your mouth for 30-60 seconds to allow your gums to absorb it. 2) You still need to get sufficient sleep. That is, at least 7 hours of sleep. If you just take a sleep supplement without doing the behavior interventions, guess what? You go off the medication and the problem is still there. 3) Want to do a quick test to see if your melatonin levels are low? Simply stand on 1 leg for 20 seconds with your eyes closed. You should be able to maintain it without difficulty. If not, go get checked. ;) 4) While they still don't know the exact level of melatonin needed for healthy functioning, Colgan has found that 40-60 pg/ml has worked well for his patients.

For some, this requires only 1.0 mg of oral liquid, sustained-release melatonin per night, combined with a good nutrition and exercise program. So- as Doc Colgan puts it, melatonin or chunky thighs: your choice.

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