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Cathy's results are INSANE (photos inside)

Holy crap! Cathy just lost 20 lbs. of fat in a month! Results ARE typical here at SCBC but 20 lbs. of fat in 4 weeks is downright INSANE!!

See photos below (Cathy pictured in middle, alongside her best friend, Stacy)

When we heard the news, we had to know what she was doing. You know... for a friend. ;)

So we texted our nutrition coach, Robin, to get the inside scoop. After all, Cathy said that one of the biggest helps to her was meeting with Robin on a regular basis. "I love cheeseburgers so my eating habits (before boot camp) were awful," Cathy admits. "The 6-week challenge was a huge help to get me started." "So what did you tell her to do AFTER the 6-week challenge, Robin?" we asked. Robin responded, "Just the usual... paying attention to fiber, sugar, and macros. She just actually implemented. And we talked about visualizing how she wants to look and feel at the wedding. That's a big motivator for her, I think." Call it providence but we read something in a book recently that completely unrelated to fitness that helped us understand Cathy's results even better. Maybe you're going through the motions (working out most days, eating okay, sleeping good) but still not seeing the results you want. If so, keep reading, because we think it will help you "shift" your thinking. You may be familiar with the concept of BE- DO- HAVE. BE is about who you are. DO is about what you do. HAVE is what you have. Who you are and what you do determines what you have. For example, if you want a degree, you can't just go to the local university and order up a degree. You have to apply, enroll, and become a student (BE). You have to attend classes and study for your exams (DO). It's the only way you can earn your degree (HAVE). The problem is, most of us go about our goals the WRONG way. We focus on the BE and the DO, not the HAVE. Daily visualization of what you want to HAVE is key to your success. For Cathy, Robin discussed visualizing what she wanted to look like at her daughter's wedding. If you focus on what you want to HAVE, the be and the do evolve naturally. Cathy implemented Robin's advice. But it wasn't a big overwhelming to-do list for her because she stayed focused on what she wanted to HAVE. Who she had to be and what she had to do to get there came EASIER for her because she was focused on the RIGHT things (the wedding, transforming her body and most importantly, feeling healthy in her day to day life, like not being winded when going up the stairs). Cathy also submersed herself in an environment dedicated to her success. "I can't say enough about Chris, Robin and the entire staff at Scenic City. They were my greatest cheerleaders. It also helped having one of my best friends doing it with me to keep me encouraged." When Cathy was asked how this journey has changed her life, she says this:

"There are no quick fixes. It's a day in, day out journey but realizing every day choices count and hard work pays off make me thankful I got started and thankful to continue." Congratulations Cathy! Your results blew us away and we're so proud of you. If you know Cathy or see her around the gym, give her a big hug or a high five.

P.S. Give us 6 weeks to change your body, we'll change your life! Our next 6-week challenge starts soon! Simply text 6-week to 423-870-6001 for more details.

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