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The Truth about Carbs

It seems like carbs have gotten a bad rap lately.

And since that's always a HOT topic around the gym, we wanted to bust another myth for you today: You don't need to avoid carbs in order to lose fat!!! What you need is a calorie deficit - i.e., consuming less calories than you need for "maintenance."

In fact, you'll be better off getting on a deficit WITH carbs - not without them. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes are all carb sources that are extremely beneficial to your health so please consult a health professional before you completely remove them from your diet. As for refined carbs- have you heard of "if it fits your macros?" If not, we have an entire video series about it.... check out the first episode here ==>

If It Fits Video Series- Episode 1

The truth is, as long as you eat enough fiber and maintain a calorie deficit, the number of refined carbs you eat shouldn't really impact your fat loss. Now==>> we're not saying to eat crap on the regular. But WE ARE saying that you shouldn't kill yourself over a cookie or piece of bread once in a while. Get rid of the idea that carbs are bad. In fact, in our 6-week body transformation challenge, we teach you how to use pizza and pasta to lose weight using a process called carb-cycling. AND... in the first week of the challenge, your body will learn how to use carbs more efficiently than it probably ever has before in your life, turning you into a fat-burning machine! The results are pretty awesome, as you know. We share 6-week challenge success stories with you all the time. And if 100's of Chattanoogans have used carbs to lose weight with our 6-week challenge, what's stopping you? Our PRO-CARB 6-week challenge starts again almost every other week. If you're like to learn more, simply call or text 423-870-6001 for more info. You'll find more details about the 6-week challenge HERE.

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