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Expectation vs. Reality

We've had quite a few newbies starting in our programs the last week. As a result, we've seen a few people posting "OMG, I'm so sore or so out of shape-type posts" on Facebook. ;) One word of advice for those of you who are just getting started or getting back into the swing of things: BE CONSISTENT. Keep moving. Keep showing up. The first day and the first week you'll be sore, you'll be sucking wind, and you'll want to quit. But stay consistent. Show up every day. Put one foot in front of the other. And keep moving.

Consistency is your difference maker. A girl told us a year after she joined SCBC that that one piece of advice ran through her head the entire first week she started. Without having the RIGHT expectations, she admits she probably would have given up. She probably would have thought she was the only one in class struggling. The weakest one. The slowest one. But the truth is, EVERYONE struggles through week 1. Our fittest clients, our out-of-shape clients, our "getting back into it" clients, and those who have never worked out before. Everyone understands the struggles you face in Week 1.

But when you stay consistent, when you show up and do what you can, you're gonna see your body change faster than you expected.

Your strength, your endurance, your tone, even your energy levels will get better. If this is your first day or first week in an exercise program, commit to yourself that you will stay consistent.

Make sure that your first day and first week remain exactly that: the first day and first week to the REST of a healthy, happy, and fit life. If you're on the edge or thinking about getting back into a workout routine now that summer is almost here, then text or call us at 423-870-6001.

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