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The RIGHT protein for fat loss

We decided to conduct an experiment with an Ionic Foot Detox Bath. The "claim" was that the detox bath would make your body more alkaline after treatment. So, like the nerds that we are, we ran out and bought some PH urine test strips to measure our PH levels before and after the foot bath. 7 (alkaline) before the bath. 6.5 (more acidic) after. Ugh! So does an ionic foot detox bath work? We don't know. We only tested it 1x. BUT we don't have much interest in doing it a 2nd time when the results have shown it seems to be a waste of time. Which is the reason why we're writing you today. Because we know you don't want to spend your time doing stuff that doesn't work. When it comes to fat loss, we've talked about the importance of sleep and melatonin. If you missed that blog post, check it out here ==> Melatonin or Chunky Thighs- Your Choice The next step to "lifetime leanness" is getting your nutrition right.

Let's start with protein. (A recommendation that hasn't changed in the 15 years we've be in business). How much protein? Well, according to most, 25-35% of your diet should be protein. In fact, if your BMI is 24-29, you should aim for 1.5 grams per kilogram body weight a day. Beyond BMI of 29, consult a physician.

There seems to be no evidence that high protein levels of 1.5 grams per kg. per day has any detrimental effect on kidney function for those who are healthy. (Those with already compromised kidneys need to consult a doctor.) The quality of the protein you eat is also important. Free range meats, wild fish, and the right whey protein shakes are a sure-fire way to lose fat. And one of the best tips to help you reach your protein goals each day is to start with a protein shake (30-40 grams) for breakfast to help you control body fat and protect your lean muscle tissue. If your protein goals seem way too hard to reach, just shoot to get 20-40 grams per meal.

By the way- it's a lot easier when you fill your plate with the RIGHT protein sources. (Cheese and crackers ain't gonna cut it... Trust me. we've tried. ;)) Don't think this stuff works? Think again.

Now go sip on that protein shake. ;)

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