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3 Fitness Products Every Fitness Enthusiast Should Own

You've found a liking to this whole fitness thing. You've seen the changes. You've experienced the benefits. You understand the life-changing quality that fitness can have on a person.

Whether you're a brand new fitness junkie or a long-time fitness guru veteran, we have 3 fitness products that will up your fitness game to the next level. Ask any SCBC staff. They'll tell you how great/needed each of these products are.

(Luckily, we sell each of these products for less than what you'd usually get them for so if one or all catch your eye, text 423.870.6001 to reserve your product(s).)

First, let's talk about the ever so simple, ever so important blender bottle. The blender bottle is a nifty tool to get your protein shakes super mixed for better drinkability & taste. Our blender bottles come with a small silver ball that helps mix those shakes up nice & smooth.

Ok, so if a blender bottle is important that means protein shakes are important too, right? Proteins are the building blocks of muscle and aid in muscle repair, increased energy, and better recovery. Unfortunately, only 75% of us get enough protein every day. It's something we see our clients struggle with ALL THE TIME.

According to most, 25-35% of your diet should be protein.

In fact, if your BMI is 24-29, you should aim for 1.5 grams per kilogram body weight a day. Beyond BMI of 29, consult a physician.

There seems to be no evidence that high protein levels of 1.5 grams per kg. per day has any detrimental effect on kidney function for those who are healthy. (Those with already compromised kidneys need to consult a doctor.)

And one of the best tips to help you reach your protein goals each day is to start with a protein shake (30-40 grams) for breakfast to help you control body fat and protect your lean muscle tissue.

To summarize, protein shakes = good. Blender bottles = good. Our blender bottles run for $15 & are a great addition to your household if you're determined to incorporate protein shakes into your daily routine. (Text "BLENDER" to 423.870.6001 to reserve your blender bottle today).

Next on the list for 3 fitness products every fitness enthusiast should own is a MyZone belt.

Need the quick version: watch this video here.

MyZone heart rate belt technology tracks your workouts (whether you're at the gym or away from the facility). For every minute you're in a certain "zone", you score MyZone Effort Points (MEPS).

You earn 2 points for every minute you're at >60% heart rate. 3 points for every minute you're at >70%. 4 points for every minute you're >80%.

Your MyZone belt can store up to 16 hours of workout data, so if you're going on vacation this summer, no worries! Wear your belt when you workout. When you come back to the gym or near your phone (or wherever you workout), your MyZone belt will automatically sync with the system and MyZone will send you a detailed e-mail report of your workouts (Calories burned, points earned).

You can also use the MyZone app to see how much you're working in real time.

Want to know more about how it works: go here.

Belts are $86.31 each here at SCBC, which we sell basically at cost. (They are approx $150 if you buy online). If you're ready to snag one & start tracking those workouts, text "MYZONE" to 423.870.6001 to reserve yours today (p.s. we only keep a small stock so get yours before we run out).

Because we love you so much, we're going to let you in on a fitness secret that will be one of the most effective tools for physique building, recovery, & injury prevention: foam rolling.

Foam rollers are one of the most popular at-home mechanisms for SMR, or self-myofascial release. Basically it's like a DYI deep-tissue massage (and for much cheaper).

Benefits of foam rolling for the every day gym rat: increased blood flow throughout the body, better movement, & increased range of motion.

Routine foam rolling can decrease the chance of injury & decrease recovery time after a workout.

Not only does foam rolling help recover your muscles, it helps put your body in a better state for building muscle too. Win-win.

Some tips for foam rolling:

- go slow (this helps really target the muscles for SMR)

- if you find a tender spot, hold the foam roller on that spot for 20 seconds before continuing

-basically everything can be rolled out (if you worked those muscles, roll them out)

Our foam rollers run for $25 & can be kept anywhere in the home/car to be easily accessed whenever you need a good roll sesh. Text "ROLL" to 423.870.6001 to reserve yours today.

There are tons of different fitness products on the market (some beneficial & some really unnecessary). Our 3 fitness products will get you on the best track to up your protein, track your workouts, & build/recover your muscles.

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