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How Donny B. lost 65 lbs. & 27 inches

We just wrapped up our 10-week Fit for Photos challenge (with the most memorable photo shoot to date!) and while it will be a few weeks before the photos are ready, one of the photos just leaked from Sunday's shoot.

Check out Donny B.'s Before and After Shots!

In the past 10 weeks, Donny has lost 23 lbs. of pure body fat (10% of his total body fat), bringing his total weight loss to 65 lbs. and a whopping 27 inches lost since starting at Scenic City Boot Camp! Holy moley!

Donny's Story

Donny had lost 40 lbs. in our transformation training program at Scenic City Boot Camp in 2015, but after his trainer moved out of state, Donny decided to try the whole "workout thing" on his own. While he was able to maintain his 40 lb. weight loss for the last few years, he admits he struggled losing weight on his own.

So when we announced our Fit for Photos challenge in April, Donny jumped in feet first.

Only 2 lbs. up from when he was last with us, Donny was ready to hit his goal of weighing in at 175 lbs. on the scale... and he did!

His trainer, Shannon, interviewed Donny last week on his Fit for Photos journey. Check out what he had to say here.

1) What are some of the biggest challenges you've faced in your journey?

"Eating out or being at an event. When eating out, I try to go with something I'll enjoy but also doesn't have hidden calories. Things like sauces and dressings can destroy your attempt to eat healthy. Being at a party is another big challenge... holidays as well."

2) What motivates you and why?

"I have learned through this journey that I am very extrinsically motivated. When I started coming back to the gym, the cohort of individuals that attend the daily 5:15am workout were warm and welcoming. Everyone celebrates each other and has a genuine interest in each other's well-being and success. I don't think I realized how much other's attitudes seep into your mental health until I started to distance myself from those who sought out the negative and [I] began to embrace those who choose a higher path."

Also, Donny hilariously admits his other motivation is Mac and Cheese. "I set an obtainable goal weight and body fat % that I needed to hit before I allowed myself to eat Mac and Cheese as a victory meal!"

3) Did you change any habits that were extremely difficult to change? If so, how did you do it?

"One habit that I struggle with is drinking diet sodas. They tempt you with their zero calorie labels and taste, however I feel a lot better without the excess levels of caffeine and artificial sweeteners in my system."

Donny replaced his diet sodas with unsweetened tea and flavored sparkling water like La Croix.

The other habit he had was his mindset that diet and exercise were temporary things he could forget about as soon as he hit his goal.

"I realized that this mindset had shifted recently when a friend asked me "When can you go back to eating like a normal person?". This threw me off guard as I now see what I eat everyday as part of my normal routine and diet."

4. How do you conquer food cravings?

"For the last few months, I have found several foods and meals that are healthy and I can eat almost every day. This has made grocery shopping easy. I eat more now and more regularly than ever before. I don't buy anything that isn't on this list of foods and I don't feel tempted to stray away from them."

Donny also eats every 2-3 hours, which helps him avoid overeating at meals and helps him stay satisfied throughout the day.

"Sometimes I will crave something, to which I have two things that have helped me immensely: 1) I ask myself "Are you hungry or just bored?" and 2) If I'm just bored, I've found almond butter has been my go-to. A tablespoon is satisfying and tasty!"

5. What are some things that helped you most in your journey?

"The first thing that helped me was to stop saying I was going to do something and just do it. I would often say “Ok, tomorrow I will start x” and I can tell you, I most likely didn’t do it the next day. I am not sure if I was telling people I was going to do something so that it would make it more real or if I wanted to just talk about the subject. Now, if I am going to food prep for the week, I don’t tell anyone. I just do it. I feel better about the tasks this way as well, as there is no guilt attached to something if I end up not having time to do it."

"Keeping positive. If I slip and eat unhealthy or miss a workout, looking at it through a positive lens has really helped. Missed workout? Not ideal, however I got an extra 2 hours of sleep! "

"Lastly, the MyZone band (Scenic City Boot Camp's target heart rate monitor system) has helped as it provides feedback and it adds a level of gamification to my workouts. "

Congratulations Donny on your weight loss journey but more importantly, on changing your mindset and falling in love with the fitness journey. We are SO proud of you!


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