What inspires you to be BETTER?

SCBC Member Phil Glass' Story

Check out what SCBC VIP Member Phil Glass said a few weeks ago before hitting his 50lb mark:

"Thanks to the SCBC team: I am down another 8 lbs in body fat (total 48.5). I am up 10 lbs. of muscle. I’m smaller than any point I have ever been as an adult. I have gone from wearing 2x and 3x to loosely wearing XL. From a snug 42 to a loose 36 in the waist. I didn’t do it alone. My classmates and crew at SCBC are my daily inspiration and motivation….What an environment for success. An awesome place to belong. If I can do this- ANYONE can."

What was Phil's inspiration? He surrounded himself with people that encouraged him to reach for his fitness goals each and every day.

That daily inspiration keeps him going.

Phil is down 58 lbs. of pure fat since he started SCBC about 6 months ago and he's still losing.

We're not your typical gym...

SCBC Member's Victoria Underwood's Story

Check out what SCBC member Victoria Meek Underwood had to say about us:

"I have never been a fan of gyms because I always get the feeling like it's a fashion show. SCBC is NOT like that! SCBC is all about getting the workout done and doing it correctly and nobody cares what you look like. I love all of the trainers and I like that each one will hold you accountable and that keeps me coming back. Keep up the good work guys!"

We are NOT a "gym." We are a TRANSFORMATION center. And we're so glad our SCBC members think that too.

Since joining us in June, Victoria has killed 155lbs on a lat pull, 135lb back squats for 24 reps, 70lb kettlebell swings, flipped a 400lb tire, and continues to motivate & inspire staff & members each and every day she's in here.

Strength is her transformation. And she's getting stronger every day.

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What's the secret to YOUR fitness motivation?

SCBC Nutrition Coach Robin's Story

Check out SCBC Nutrition Coach, Robin's answer: 

“I think it all started with finding a type of exercise I love. That made me want to go everyday. Then it starts to snowball… you eat better because you’re working so hard, you sleep better, you start to see changes in your body so that motivates you to keep going. Then you realize you’re addicted and it’s all a habit that you don’t even have to really think about anymore. That’s what worked for me… getting myself into a good “snowball”. And out of a bad one."

What was Robin's secret? She took action. 

That one thing triggered everything else. 

Forget the "If I believe it, I can do it" mantra. 

Instead, adopt the opposite: "If I do it, I will believe it."

Robin lost 40 lbs. when she started SCBC and has maintained her new, healthy weight for several years.

What's your WHY?

SCBC Member Brittani Stephenson's Story

Check out what SCBC member Brittani J Stephenson had to say:

"I started my weight loss journey last May. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I went for my first class and I left thinking, I feel really good. So I signed up for the 6 week challenge. Originally, I was only going to do the 6 weeks, take what I learned from that and maintain on my own. Well I loved it so much (I must be crazy because Kevin has tried to kill me every morning since) that I've signed up for a year membership. Anywho, everybody always ask me what I'm doing, that I'm their motivation and that they want to do what I'm doing. 

Truth be told, it doesn't matter what I tell you- YOU have to find your why. 

As for me and my why- something clicked. I looked at photos of myself and I thought geez who is that!? I was comfortable with myself but I hadn't really looked at myself. When I saw those pictures, I didn't see me. I was over it and I was ready for a change. I was ready to do what was best for me even if it meant getting up early, meal prepping every Sunday, and changing my lifestyle.

Remember this: 'If you want something different you have to do something different.' Find your why and get MOVING!!!! I'm so grateful for my Scenic City family, without them I wouldn't have made it this far!!! It's not just a gym, it's a TRANSFORMATION Center!!"

What an incredible testimonial from an amazing person.

Since joining us in May, Brittani has lost 28.2 lbs of pure fat & has lost 8% body fat. We see her dedication and commitment every day she walks through our doors for our 6:45am class.

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One Decision Can Change A Life

SCBC Member Matt Brown's Story

Three years ago, SCBC Member Matt Brown made a decision to change his life.

He started off at a little over 200 pounds. Had 45 pounds of pure fat on his body. And was at 22 percent body fat.

After over a year of hard work, dedication, & boot camp, Matt weighed in at 165.8 (34.2 pounds of scale weight lost). Had 12.3 pounds of pure fat on his body (32.7 pounds of pure fat lost). And was at 7.4 percent body fat (14.6 percent body fat lost).

Since his amazing transformation, Matt has continued to maintain his elevated state of fitness & has become such a vital part to our SCBC family.

No matter who you are. No matter what level of fitness. We can transform your body, health, and life like we helped Matt do.

When did you realize enough was enough?

SCBC Member AnneMarie Spencer's Story

For SCBC member AnneMarie Spencer: it was the thought of a shorter life. 

Check out her story:

"I was heavy all during school and ballooned up to 215lbs. I was so horrified when I realized how it had affected my energy level, that I decided I needed to do something about it or I'd likely have a shorter life expectancy. I lost 55 lbs and was ok with that for a while, but 2 years ago, I decided to work on shaping up even more so I could compete in Spartan races. My first race in 2015 was exciting but humbling, and I decided I'd really go all in to see what improvements I could make. I started working out at SCBC 3 times a week, and stepped up my at home workouts to every morning at 5am, plus an hour on Saturday practicing obstacles. I got my body fat down and weight to 145 and came in first in my age group at the last Spartan Race, plus completed a trifecta, one race of each distance last year. This year, my goal is to finish the Brechenridge Beast, a 17 mile race at 8-10,000 feet over sea level, and I want to get a Masters podium."

AnneMarie continues to push the limits and reach her goals. Her transformation story inspires so many including all of us here at SCBC.

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What's your GOAL?

SCBC Member Betsy Peter's Story

"I started at SCBC 2.5 years ago with a 6 week challenge and have been in love since. Love the workouts, love the trainers, love the friends I've made. Why else get up at at 4:30am every day and go workout?! Consistency with workouts hasn't been the issue but food is another story! When my pants started to get too tight again, I decided to try the Fit for Photos challenge. There is so much knowledge and support at SCBC all you have to do is take advantage of the opportunities they provide. Fit for Photos being no exception. I learned so much about how my body responds to different foods and which ones I'm better off without. It's not just about being lean and a result rather gaining knowledge of how to eat best for me to stay healthy, keep my headaches at bay, and have more energy! Thanks SCBC!"

What's your game changer?

Julie Curd's Story

Check out what Julie Curd had to say:

"Been to various boot camp/nutrition programs through the years and none compare to the training and results I have seen with Scenic City Boot Camp. Want to transform your body? This place is a game changer." 

We strive to be different. To give our clients an experience like no other. To transform. To change lives.

Are you ready for a game changer?

What will be your defining moment?

SCBC Member Colleen Woody's Story

Over a year ago, SCBC member Colleen Woody walked through our doors to start her 6 week challenge. Her defining moment.

She's now been with us for a year and continues to push her fitness & nutrition to new levels.

In her year, Colleen has lost 9.7 pounds on the scale, gained 1.7 pounds of pure muscle, lost 16.3 pounds of pure fat, and shredded 6.4 percent body fat. She's lost a total of 10.4 inches from her body.

Her smile & dedication exude inspiration. And she continues to walk through our doors day in and day out.

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